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Editorial Comments

In this issue of JASHM, we are pleased to present three ethnographic case studies that follow the practitioners of diverse human movement systems as they travel across spaces that are simultaneously geographical, cultural, economic, historical, ethical, and gendered. The topic of 'circulation' brings together these otherwise diverse cultural contexts, ranging from the ongoing peripatetic lives of Chinese modern dancers (Emily Wilcox), to the trans-Atlantic movements of African teachers and American students of Senegalese Sabar dance rhythms (Eleni Bizas), and the wide-ranging travels around the U.S. and across Europe demanded by the 'dancesport' that is the contemporary professional world of competitive ballroom dancing (Jonathan S. Marion). The focus of the papers is, thus, more on the wholesale movement of these practitioners to their respective performance venues than an analysis of the body movement itself, which is usually the focus of JASHM articles.

     The papers began life as conference papers in a panel at the 2010 annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association in New Orleans. The ideas and questions that generated the panel are introduced by its organizers Emily Wilcox and Jonathan Marion and followed by commentaries from panel discussants Helena Wulff and Brenda Farnell. Our thanks to everyone for their cooperation and assistance in bringing this project to fruition.

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