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Volume 10 • Number 3

Spring 1999

The Roots of Semasiology
Introduction 109
The Dance (Azande) (1928)
  E.E. Evans-Pritchard 112
  Review of Azande Essay 122
The Shift to an Anthropomorphic Model of Man (1971)  

Rom Harré

  Review of the Paradigm Shift 129
The Introductory Essay: Social Anthropology and Language (1971)  
  Edwin Ardener 134
Behaviour: A Social Anthropological Criticism (1973)  
  Edwin Ardener 139
  Review of the Paradigm Shift 129 142
  Set Theory and Semasiology 145
  Transformational Rules and Semasiology 147
  'Movement' or' Action' 151
  Reflexivity 152
  Human Power and Two Paradigms of Action 153
  Bibliography 155
Introduction to 'Beyond Disernbodiment' Paper  
  Drid Williams 159
Beyond Disembodiment Socio-Cultural Entities and Signifying Acts (1995)  
  Drid Williams 164



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